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About PASCOE Canada:

PASCOE Canada is the Canadian Distributor of the homeopathic and phytotherapeutic lines of PASCOE Pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH. PASCOE has been manufacturing quality homeopathic and phytotherapeutic products for over a century. There are many homeopathic products on the market, but the unique bioregulatory approach coupled with our dedication to research and development set PASCOE far above any other company.

We are site-licensed with Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate and have received registrations of Natural Product Numbers (NPN) or Drug Identification Numbers – Homeopathic Medicines (DIN-HM) for our products.

The Bioregulatory Concept:

The term Bioregulatory Homeopathy was originally coined by the Biological Medicine Pioneer Helmut Schimmel in the 1960’s. It refers to the use of low potency (including mother tincture) homeopathic combinations to modulate specific biological functions. PASCOE’s unique formulations can be used either symptomatically or as part of a system.

Commitment to Research and Development:

PASCOE is dedicated to the advancement of Natural Medicine and to the production of clinically proven therapeutics. A large number of the PASCOE products have extensive observation or clinical studies done to validate their efficacy and safety. Both patients and practitioners can be confident that each product will work and work consistently.

Quality Assured:

In an effort to ensure quality standards, Health Canada has instituted new regulations for Natural Health Products. PASCOE has been exceeding quality standards for years and continually strives to ensure its products meet the highest standards. Steeped in German manufacturing tradition PASCOE takes pride in providing professionals across the world with superior products.

History and Success:

Watch a short video about Pascoe in Germany!

The company’s history began in 1896 in Mülheim an der Ruhr in the Mellinghoff pharmacy. Even then the apothecary Friedrich Pascoe, grandfather of the current company head Jürgen F. Pascoe, was interested in natural medicine. Encouraged by his intensive collaboration with Rev. Felke – a leading authority in the area of natural medicine – Friedrich Pascoe concentrated increasingly on the development of homeopathic and phyto-therapeutic medications.

Friedrich Pascoe collected the available materials on medicinal plants and studied them thoroughly. In 1919 he founded the company “Apotheker Friedrich Pascoe – Pharmazeutische Präparate” in Giessen, thus laying the cornerstone for today’s internationally renowned company PASCOE NATURMEDIZIN.

A few years after the founding of the company, Friedrich Pascoe joined well-known therapists such as Zimpel, Mattei, Clerc, and Rev. Felke to introduce a system of homoeopathic complex preparations. This system is the basis for the new “Similiaplex” line introduced in the early 1960s.


pascoe_buildingAlready in its early days, PASCOE engaged in research centred on natural medicine. Beginning in the 1960s, the research department has been expanded continuously and is dedicated to the development and research of new products. The product line was restructured and now encompasses speciality preparations, injectables, liquid homeopathics, nutraceuticals, botanicals and the Similiaplex remedies. Since 1961 the company has also been publishing its own highly regarded, medical science journal, Acta Biologica. After the death of Fritz Pascoe, Inge Pascoe, his wife, took over as head of the company in 1970. A couple of years later, she was assisted by her daughter, pharmacist Dr. Birgit Wilrich, who restructured and updated the technical department.

In 1983 Jürgen F. Pascoe, the third generation of the family, joined the management board of the company. The 1990’s were marked by expansion and constant growth. PASCOE was transformed into a modern company. A new administration building was constructed and the number of employees grew steadily. PASCOE has also claimed its place in the international market; PASCOE medicines are currently distributed to 25 countries. In the year 2002 Annette Diane von Gottberg, life partner of Jürgen F. Pascoe, took over the management of the International Marketing Department and Product Marketing.

The positive development is continuing in the new millenium. Important cornerstones are the introduction of the corporate software SAP.

In recent decades PASCOE has been steadily developing its business fields. The original parent company “PASCOE Pharmazeutische Präparate” developed into the corporate group “PASCOE NATURMEDIZIN.

lab_picturePASCOE applies a strategy of small units to maintain creativity and flexibility, but also to assure a close proximity to the market. The continuous growth and development of the company is not only represented in its economic activities, but also in the evolution of its corporate logo. Throughout the years the original emblems Heart and Anchor, symbols for trust and reliability, were carefully changed. The “PG” which stands for “PASCOE Giessen” was given the self-aware transformation into PASCOE NATURMEDIZIN.

The brand new logo also represents the well-balanced cooperation between Tradition and Development.

The circle and the “P” contained within it have remained, yet the foundation that supports the “P”, has been modified. The anchor, which had been carried through years from the original logo, has been replaced by two waved lines entwined together. The association with roots and leaves is quite intentional; after all they represent the deep-rooted tradition our company has in the centuries old history of the science of Natural Medicine.

Meaningful as well is the symbol of eternity (an eight on its side), which is reflective of our company’s visionary style. Finally, the closed circle and the two waved lines are indicative of the close relationship

PASCOE maintains with its Customers and global Partners.



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