Bitter Medicine is Good Medicine!

Amara_Pascoe_50ML_CA_120314_webAmara is bitter: to most of us this does not sound good and will not taste quite right. But helpful medicine is supposed to be bitter – generations of mothers have searched for ways to make helpful, bitter medicines more palatable for their children!

The sicker the patient, the more bitter the drug should be

The belief from historical medical experience is that bitter substances not only strengthen the digestive organs and stimulate metabolism and the immune system, but also provide life energy.

No wonder then, that bitter substances are so helpful and popular with older people – in the form of an invigorating “digestif” after eating for example – but also as an important tool of naturopathic practitioners for digestive health.

Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food

Hippocrates’ advice gets far too little attention today. The removal of bitter substances from our diet is of questionable value: modern vegetables and other foods favour a more pleasant and sweeter taste as most of the bitterness has been bred out or removed. Chicory and grapefruit for example, were once much more bitter than they are today.

Today, the gentian root gives us the bitterest substances available. Therefore it is an essential component of AMARA PASCOE®, the 25-year old bitters and appetite stimulant from PASCOE Natural Medicine. Other ingredients include cinchona bark, cinnamon bark and bitter orange.

Suggested use: take 45-60 drops daily in warm water.

Bitters: improving appetite, but reducing hunger

Bitter substances stimulate the formation of digestive juices and thus improve appetite. For this purpose, they should be taken before meals. How can they but also act to reduce hunger?

It’s all a question of dose!

While a relatively high dose is needed to stimulate digestive function, just having the bitter taste in the mouth causes the desire for sweets to fade, in many cases. To get this effect, it is enough to lick 1-2 drops from the back of the hand.

This new option for suppressing appetite was mentioned on a German heath TV program earlier this year, when they reported on the many benefits of bitter substances – perfect recognition for the 25th anniversary of AMARA PASCOE®.




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