Abdominal pain? Constipation? Your health depends on a healthy gut

RTEmagicC_magen-darm-trakt_03.jpgThe gastrointestinal tract has a lot of work to do: apart from breaking down the food we eat and absorbing nutrients to make them available to the body, it accounts for 70–80 per cent of the function of our immune system. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a sick gut affects the entire person. Billions of cells filter out the nutrients that are vital to us. They are supported by countless little helpers including lactic acid bacteria, E coli and enterococci, which together are called intestinal symbionts. An unvaried diet, stress and antibiotics may destroy a healthy intestinal flora in the long run. Plenty of fluids, a balanced diet and mental balance are essential to good gut function.

PASCOE Natural Medicine offers a choice of ways to support your digestive system:

Liver & detox – help your liver!

RTEmagicC_leber_03.jpgThe liver’s job is to detoxify our body: It breaks down hormones, drugs, metabolic products and environmental toxins – a massive workload indeed! By choosing a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet and avoiding excessive alcohol use and cigarette smoking, you can help your liver cope with this challenge. A strong liver is up to its detoxification job and is your best bet to avoid liver damage.



  • Avoid alcohol and other harmful substances
  • Avoid frequent massive meals and animal fats
  • Do not eat a main meal after 5pm if at all possible
  • Prefer foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (examples: herring, grape seed oil or linseed oil)
  • Limit animal fats in your diet
  • Therapeutic fasting might also be a good way to help your liver

Should you experience any symptoms, see your doctor or non-medical practitioner right away. Liver conditions always require evaluation by a specialist. Remedies are not a substitute for avoiding liver-injuring substances (e.g. alcohol).


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