Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps – relaxed periods

Mild pain at the start of menstrual bleeding is normal. It is caused by messengers released by the body to cause the womb (uterus) to contract, thus shedding the mucous membrane lining the uterus. Excessive release of these messengers causes cramp-like pelvic pain. This is what your doctor calls dysmenorrhoea. If you have such problems, be sure to see your gynaecologist because these symptoms may also be signs of disease.

PULSATILLA SIMILIAPLEX® helps control cramp-like menstrual symptoms.


  • Avoid excessive physical exertion.
  • If you tend to have swelling and breast tenderness: Choose low-salt light meals before and during menstrual bleeding.
  • Take a short walk.
  • Use heat to relieve spasmodic pain i.e. hot-water bottle.
  • Learn and use relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation).

PULSATILLA SIMILIAPLEX®Pulsatilla_Spl_50ML_CA_170314_web

  • Homeopathic remedy
  • For adults and children 12 years old and up

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