Feel Refreshed with a Detox Cleanse

Sometimes summer can sneak up on us and that’s a wonderful thing, however we may not always feel our best when the time comes for that warmer weather. Some of us may be entering summer feeling heavier than we’d like to.

Most of us look forward to summer for the beautiful sunshine and energy that it brings. Gets us outside moving and being active. We tend to have more energy due to the Vitamin D level intake leaving us feeling good and energized. 

Feeling Heavy in your Skin

It’s known that the heat can make you feel uncomfortable especially with other symptoms that occur such as bloating, fatigue, headaches, constipation, sinus congestion, hives, and irritability. Guaranteed no one enjoys feeling these symptoms.

There are many reasons as to why an individual may be experiencing body heat. Could be heat stress due to feeling too hot. Dehydration as the lack of water in the system prevents the body to naturally cool itself down, taking medication or being physically active could all impact your body temperature.

When summer rolls around we want to feel at the top of our game such as enjoying those hot summer days without feeling like you can’t move. Enjoying the outdoors, not feeling sluggish and able to feel active. What better way to enter a gorgeous summer feeling refreshed than with a detox cleanse! 

Body Function

Our lymphatic system is a grouping of organs and  tissues that work as a grouping to promote proper flow through our system. Keeping this properly functioning to help reduce inflammation and the risk of infections. By engaging in this, it helps improve the immune system and helps ensure that the blood remains clear to support the removal of undesired toxins within the body. 

Our liver neutralizes toxic substances that get released into our bloodstream that help filter the process through our kidneys. As the kidney helps eliminate those toxins from our blood through our urine.


A Gentle Detox Cleanse

Doing a gentle detox cleanse can help relieve unpleasant symptoms. A detox cleanse is usually recommended twice a year to eliminate any unwanted toxins throughout our body. Whether or not you decide to do one because of an event you may have to attend and want to look your best, to help with weight loss or to simply feel rejuvenated and keep that healthy lifestyle. A detox cleanse will get you there!

There are different time periods to commit for certain detoxes: 

  • People who are more athletically oriented have a better chance for success at committing to a 3–5-week detox because they may stay more driven for the long term challenge. 
  • Also some that are short term for individuals who may want to try it out but may not want to take it to the extreme. Or perhaps just to get a feel and see how their body reacts. This could be a duration of 1-2 week period.


Start your day off right, with detoxing your body to boost your energy levels. This can leave you feeling lighter by eliminating unpleasant symptoms. Below you will find ways to bring out the best into your journey as well as the benefits that will arise with it. 

During the Detox Cleanse

Throughout your detox cleanse it would be beneficial to create a detox plan. In this sense of prepping your meals ahead of time. Knowing that eating has a substantial impact on our digestive system. 

Therefore, eating more vegetables and fruits and even items that are organic can really help with the overall outcome. Meal plan to ensure that you are fueling your body with all the proper nutrients in order to eliminate the unwanted toxins.

By eating this way, you can eliminate your sugar intake. The body breaks down carbs into sugar. Being aware of what you're eating will help promote control on your blood sugar, keeping it at a regulated level.

This also influences someone who has iron deficiency. Eating more vegetables and fruit as well as protein and not so much gluten can maximize your iron intake. Things like seafood, beans, fish, green leafy vegetables, and peas contain high doses of iron.

As your body is going through a gentle positive change, it’s important that we always stay hydrated. Our body temperature can also fluctuate during this process and your water intake is crucial for success. Easy way to ensure that you’re consuming enough water throughout the day is by using a trusty large water jug. Drinking plenty of water will also help flush any unwanted toxins from your system. 

Another good aspect to incorporate during your cleanse is physical activity. Nothing too extreme, just simply a walk a day would be sufficient. Keeping that body moving and energy going to enhance the outcome of the detox cleanse. Helps with maintaining good health and keeping the digestive system on the move.

Benefits of a Detox Cleanse:

  • Help Prevent Bloating
  • Help with Weight Loss
  • Help Eliminate Unwanted Cravings
  • Remove Unwanted Toxins
  • Boost Immune System
  • Increases Energy Levels


Overall, this isn’t meant for you to starve yourself or go to the extreme. It should be a happy balance that perhaps can change to a happy lifestyle. Eating healthy is a choice and can absolutely be very delicious! 

Drinking plenty of water is something that we should already do on an everyday basis. Simple activities such as a walk around the block helps with our physical and mental health. These are healthy habits that can be incorporated even after a detox cleanse into your day to day lifestyle.

Either way, remember your body will thank you later!




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