Food For Mood

For a balanced and healthy mood, start your day with a breakfast that is rich in fibre, high in nutrients, and packed with healthy fats for your brain!

Our body is producing toxins day in and day out. If the body’s natural detoxification organs are blocked or not functioning properly, you may experience an overload of toxins in your body. One of the key organs involved in the detoxification process is our intestines. When our intestines are not functioning efficiently and we are not having regular bowel movements, this may result in bad bacteria overgrowth and a loss of good gut bacteria. In addition, symptoms may include brain fog, lack of focus, and low energy.  Foods with high fibre content absorb toxins like a sponge and help to eliminate the toxins by supporting the bowel movement. 

Choose your grains wisely as wholesome grains can give your body fibre as well as rich nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the higher fibre content in food stabilizes your blood sugar level, which helps with balancing mood.

Healthy omegas are THE brain food. We all know about the importance of salmon and other kinds of seafood in our diet. Foods such as eggs, olives, avocado, nuts, flaxseed, and chia seeds are equally high in omegas.  They give texture as well as great taste to food.

Eat foods that also feed your good gut bacteria and support the gut-brain communication. Healthy and thriving gut bacteria not only help to absorb nutrients in our digestive system, they also produce vitamin B’s, such as niacin, folic acid, B12 and B6. New studies show that a good accumulation of healthy gut bacteria enhances serotonin levels which helps to balance our mood. What more do we need?

Here is a favourite and easy to make overnight oat recipe!


In a mason jar (the size of your choice), start layering with:

Layer 1: add chia seeds, hemp and granola

Layer 2: add pomegranate seeds

Layer 3: add coconut or kefir yogurt

Repeat layer 1 to 3 until you have filled the jar.

Sprinkle the last layer of yogurt with 1 sachet of Markofruct, made with inulin to feed your good bacteria, and top with pomegranate.  

Note: You can easily substitute yogurt with your preference of nut milk (almond, oat or cashew). You can also use flax with spelt, oats, or mixed Müslii instead of the chia seeds. Other great add-ins are different nuts and berries!


Recommended Product

Markofruct 30 packets of 6 g powder


Prebiotic powder that helps stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria