Spotlight: Adam Godkin, Pascoe Student Representative, Boucher College

We asked Adam a few questions about his experience in school and as the Pascoe Student Representative, read his answers below!

We would like to introduce you to our Pascoe Student Representative at Boucher Institute, School of Naturopathic Medicine, Adam Godkin.

How did you decide to get into naturopathic medicine?

In high school I was a competitive swimmer and developed chronic shoulder and back injuries. After seeing many practitioners, a naturopathic doctor helped heal my injuries through acupuncture and taught me how to optimize my diet to avoid food triggers that were causing chronic fatigue. My decision to study naturopathic medicine was initially out of personal interest from my positive experience with it and evolved into a desire to help people learn about and achieve optimal health.

Did you specialize in any particular area during your program?

In my last year of undergrad I took specialized courses in cardiac physiology and pathology. As a naturopathic student, I want to keep my focus general and take in all the information I can while in school, but have always been very interested in how the cardiovascular system operates in health and disease. I am keen to continue to learn more about how this system integrates with the rest of the body and incorporate that into my future practice.

How did you become the Pascoe Student Representative?

The previous Pascoe student rep happened to give me a sample of Pascoflair right before a final exam in my first year which changed my exam writing experience for the better, and sparked my interest in the company. The Pascoe approach to holistic healthcare resonated with me after attending several lunch and learns and when I saw the posting for a Student Rep position, I did not hesitate to send in an application.

What Pascoe products have you used, and which are your favourites and why?

Lymphdiaral Drainage Cream is my go-to for anything from a muscle strain to a head cold, and as an active hiker and mountain biker, I use it regularly. Another favorite of mine is Pascallerg for seasonal allergies because it works quickly and doesn't make me drowsy.

And of course, I have to mention Pascoflair because it helps calm me down when I am feeling overstimulated - from that first experience of easing my exam nerves to helping me get to sleep when my mind is buzzing after a night of studying.