Spotlight: Dr. Jesse Pierce, ND

Dr. Jesse Pierce is a Naturopathic Doctor and has done a lot of work with Pascoe’s Detox Kit.

Dr. Jesse Pierce is a Naturopathic Doctor and has been in practice in Ottawa for the last 8 years, and will be part of a new naturopathic clinic that will open this May in Ottawa, Ontario called BioHeal Ottawa. Dr. Pierce has done a lot of work with Pascoe’s Detox Kit and continues to be an advocate of it due to the positive response she gets about it from her patients.

Growing up, Dr. Pierce's family always had a natural approach to life and wellness. She grew up as a vegetarian (ate only natural, unprocessed foods and no meat) with a very natural lifestyle that included no medications or supplements. She had taken antibiotics for the first time when she was a young teenager. Her whole life was lived quite healthy and free of many chemicals and additives that you would find in food today.

When she went off to college, it was clear that she would study to be a Naturopathic Doctor. As a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in 2007, Dr. Pierce fit right in and everything she was studying came naturally to her. She is a big component of the idea of drainage, since learning about the concept at CCNM in 2003. Dr. Pierce has trained with Dr. Gerard Guinot, Dr. Mikhael Adams, Dr. Robert Abell, and Dr. Dick Thom, who have instilled the concept that we need to focus on opening the emunctories in order to help the body achieve homeostasis. Her training also includes that by Dr. Walter Crinnion in environmental medicine and understand the impacting effects of the accumulation of chemicals and toxins in our bodies.

When one of her children got diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP), she started researching ways to manage and cure the disease. That’s when she decided to try Pascoe’s Detox Kit. Her initial experience was amazing, as her child seemed to clear up of many of her symptoms almost instantly. She then used the treatment again, only to have even more positively staggering results. This is when Dr. Pierce decided to try Pascoe’s Detox Kit in her own practice.
Dr. Pierce found that Pascoe’s Detox Kit worked well for children and adults alike, providing them with thorough drainage of the lymphatic system, which aids in many other issues in the body. Dr. Pierce refers to the Pascoe Detox Kit as a drainage kit. It helps the liver and kidney and lymphatic system function more effectively and as a result - push out toxicity. Drainage accelerates the speed which we can begin other patient-specific treatment. Patients are less likely to have Herxheimer reactions with killing off chronic infections/address autoimmune conditions if you support them with drainage.


"It’s harder to treat patients today than it was even 10 years ago, because of all the chemicals and toxins we have in our food and drink. However, to begin treating someone with a specific ailment, Pascoe’s Detox Kit is a good start to clearing most of the toxins away before you begin specific treatment.

Whenever I prescribe Pascoe’s Detox Kit to my patients, I often get feedback such as:

  • Better energy
  • Less brain fog
  • Less swelling and stiffness in the body
  • Improvement in swelling or edema"

If you would like more information on how Dr. Pierce uses Pascoe products, you may reach her via email at

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