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Prebiotic powder that helps stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria

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What is Markofruct?

Prebiotic effect: Stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut and the growth of intestinal bifidobacteria.

Prebiotic for a healthy gut! Markofruct

Markofruct from Pascoe is a prebiotic product, which supports the healthy balance of the gut flora, has a positive effect on metabolism and enhances the body’s natural immune defense. It improves the microbial ecology of the gut and protects against some bacterial pathogens, particularly in the large intestine.

Using The Power of Nature To Feed Your Gut

  • Markofruct contains 5.6 g of oligofructose (inulin) and 0.08 g of chamomile dry extract per packet
  • Comes in a 30 x 6 g packet or 200 g bags, allowing for easy on-the-go use
  • Suggestive dosing 1 packet per day or 6 gs of prebiotic powder with 250 ml warm water.
  • Chamomileflavouredpowder to drink like tea & made without lactose

7 Benefits of a Prebiotics

  1. Better gut health and improved digestion
  2. Enhanced immune function
  3. Reduced risk for heart disease
  4. Help with weight loss/weight maintenance
  5. Lower inflammation
  6. Hormone regulation and improved moods
  7. Protection of bone health

Medicinal Ingredients:

1 packet of 6 G powder contains:
Oligofructose Inulin 5.6 G
Chamomile - Matricaria recutita (L.) (flower) dry extract (6.1-7.2:1) 0.08 G

Non-medicinal Ingredients:



Adults: 1 packet, 1-2 times a day. Take with 250 mL of water. Take 2 hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products since the absorption of these products may be delayed.

Customer Review

6 Mar 2022

Great product that also tastes great

I am a frequent user of Markofruct and love the product. However, ran out of it and tried some sample of a prebiotic from a different brand that I got a while ago. But boy, the taste… Am going to stock up on Markofruct today!

Pascoe Canada 7 Mar 2022

Hi Diane!

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! So glad you love Markofruct!

Kindest Regards,

Team Pascoe 

31 Jul 2021

So far so good...

A friend recommended Markofruct to me because I've been experiencing a horrible flareup of IBS. I just started taking Markofruct this week and so far it has helped my IBS quite a lot. I just rated an 8 because I want to give it more time to see how it goes.

Pascoe Canada 3 Aug 2021

Hello Michele!

Thank you for your feedback! It is much appreciated!

Best Wishes,

Team Pascoe

7 Jul 2021

using the product for the past 2 weeks

my friend recommended the product to me, as i was on antibiotic for such a long time and i wanted to help replenish my probiotics. great tasting, helped to reduced the symptoms of my antibiotics as it helped with my good bacteria growth. and very soothing on top.

Pascoe Canada 7 Jul 2021

Hi Anna!

Thank you for your review, we really appreciate the feedback :)

Kindest Regards,

Pascoe Canada

1 Jun 2021


Absolutely in love with this product! I've been taking it every morning as my tea. It's leaving me feeling less bloated and with more energy throughout the day. I really do feel like it's boosting my metabolism and seeing a weight loss change!

Pascoe Canada 1 Jun 2021

Thank you for your feedback! So happy you enjoy the product :) 

Kindest Regards,

Team Pascoe

15 Apr 2021

Great benefits

I just finished the whole pouch and wow ! I felt my gut rumbling in a good way. Noticed a difference in sleep & mood in the morning. Didn't feel like over sleeping, wanted to get up and conquer the day! Took morning and evening for the full pouch. Noticed less bloating and better bowel movements. Thks Pascoe

Pascoe Canada 16 Apr 2021

Hi Pam!

Thank you so much for your review! We're so pleased to hear that you're enjoying the product and the results.

Kindest Regards,


5 Oct 2020

I'm starting slowing with this product of inulin

I'm feeling a benefit at day 3 of using this product

7 Jul 2020

My digestion is improving. In 3 months time, I will get a repeat Microbiome Test.

I’ll wait for the results of my Microbiome Test.

25 Jun 2020


I used to experience severe bloating after every meal. I began drinking 1 cup of Markofruct in the morning (instead of coffee) and evening and my bloating has completely resolved with improved digestion! Tastes yummy too!

23 Aug 2019

Favourite product

Great product and works very well for constipation. This is my new favourite! Highly recommend for anyone struggling with constipation and poor digestion. I love the fact that you can use it as a tea.

24 Jan 2019

Significantly improved digestion

Started taking Markofruct, initially, there was not much difference, but after about 2 days, I felt my digestion was way better. Constipation issues are almost non-existent now, same with diarrhea (unless I eat at a super oily junk food).
Great product, I highly recommend.

22 Nov 2018

Helped me a lot

Love it! I felt much better after two weeks. Seemed a little bit pricy at first but worth it to me

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