Collagen Skin Care Benefits

Thinking about the term “Skin Care Benefits” it’s understandable that one mostly thinks about a “Skin Care Routine”. Nonetheless, this may not be the target of the meaning.

Collagen Skin Care Benefits

Taking care of your skin goes further than the face wash or cream that you use. Skin care goes deeper than what some people may realize. What is skin care? It is what you eat, drink and habits that may contemplate your overall health production. 

Your body is an image of how and what you fuel it with. Not only from the presentation aspect, also from your energy levels and the way you feel. Your actions such as level of movement and mood can be greatly improved if you're eating and drinking the proper substances. So, let’s dig into the conception of ways to improve skin care without touching the skin physically.

Collagen is the most profound protein found in the body's tissue. It truly is the glue to hold everything our body needs together. Looking at the main resource of the connective tissue it is the amount of protein abundant in the body. 

Collagen is fabricated with amino acid that is tied within a triple helix known as collagen helix. This form of collagen is distributed in most connective tissues that reside in the bones, cartilage, muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons. 

Collagen Benefits for Skin

Believe it or not, collagen has a prodigious impact on our skin, keeping and development. The collagen protein feeds our skin cells that help nurture the surface and deep within our pores. 

Collagen provides strength and elasticity to the skin leaving it with an exquisite look. As we age, we tend to notice our skin starting to sag in certain places such as the face, arm, stomach, and legs. This is a form of collagen levels decreasing with age. 

Although this is extremely normal, as part of life is aging and with that comes along certain things. Doesn’t mean we can’t help or encourage the process in a beneficial way.

The skin tissue is the most exposed organ that has daily contact with all toxins. Due to all the pollution and toxins our skin can sometimes suffer more than intended. That’s why it’s so important to treat it with the most extensive care. However, don’t be fooled as the skin tissue is also one that can repair itself the quickest.

Collagen also helps in promoting healthy hair growth. The amino acid in collagen contributes to the protein that maintains the skin to form hair growth. It could potentially prevent hair follicles and graying.

Another substantial way to promote healthy skin would be to moisturize. Moisturizing with the proper nutrient containing vitamin C to improve or maintain skin and hair growth. The vitamin C helps target dull and uneven skin. Improves the look of dark or any blemish spots that may appear within the surface of the skin. healthy foods

What are the 5 Types of Collagen

There are numerous types of collagen. The most common variety of collagen include:

Type 1- Collagen found in skin, bones, tendons, ligaments, teeth, and vascular ligature
Type 2- Collagen found in cartilage, eyes (vitreous body), and vertebral discs (nucleus pulposus)
Type 3- Collagen found in skin, muscles, blood vessels, and reticular fibers
Type 4- Collagen found in the basal lamina and the basement membrane (epithelium-secreted layer)
Type 5- Collagen found in hair, placenta, corneas, bones, placenta, and cell surfaces

Looking at the various collagen supplements out on today’s market it is always important to look at the ingredients and side effects of all products. I’m sure this is not something most of us do, however when you're looking at taking a supplement it’s at your own health benefit to see what you are ingesting. 

Collagen production within the body system is created with multiple diversity one being collagen peptides. This is another form of collagen that helps in the development of cartilage, nails and muscles. 

Second would be marine collagen. This is sourced from mostly fish species. Focuses on the maturing aspects of the skin and joints.

Interestingly enough, bone broth is a form of gelatin. You may be wondering why I’m mentioning this? May not be a direct configuration form of collagen, although once consumed it breaks down within the body's immune system acting as a collagen support benefit. Allocating the joints and cartilage as over time these due tend to need extra support. 

Collagen in the Body

It is so important to continue to implement collagen within your daily routine. Adding that supplement can go a long way for that extra boost. It’s most favorable to benefit from a source of fruit or vegetable that contains the nutrients available to maximize the potential. 

Superb fruits that help increase collagen naturally would be all kinds of berries and citrus fruits. These contain a high level of vitamin C that supplies the skin with the proper appearance. 

Collagen improves many things like our:

  • Wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Physical performance
  • Bone mineral density
  • Diminishes visible signs of aging
  • Skin hydration
  • Joint discomfort
  • Sport injury recovery

How do we lose collagen?

Surprisingly, it is very easy to become collagen deficient. Some people do not realize how important this may be to the body. Doing certain things can decrease your level or collagen formation.

The following factors have proven to decreased/impact collagen levels such as:

  • Smoking 
  • High sugar intake
  • Age
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Ultraviolet light

You can also protect your skin by using sunscreen if exposed to the sun light. The sunscreen is a coating form to help block the ultraviolet from damaging the skin. Using a higher SPF maximizes your protection.

Our bodies naturally produce collagen however this is something that’s reduced with age. That’s why it’s important to maintain what we have. Vitamin D along with calcium help in keeping bones strong and healthy. 

Looking and feeling our best is a great feeling for all. Keeping in mind that how you fuel your body will affect the outcome of physical and medical aspects of your life. Why not make it the best !



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