Doctor's Note with Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND: Neurapas

Neurapas is a herbal formula that gives individuals an option for promoting a healthy balanced mood with unique phytotherapy, excellent efficacy and safety profile.

So when people are struggling with prolonged low mood this affects their energy levels, possibly relationships, negatively affects motivation and productivity and all of these stressors affect mental health. Neurapas is research based formula that helps address these concerns and bring individuals back to feeling like themselves. Neurapas is a triple herbal combination containing St john's wort (60mg), Passionflower (32mg) and Valerian (28mg) in a single tablet 

  • St John‘s Wort increases serotonin neurotransmission, it’s the feel good neurotransmitter and thereby leads to mood improvement.
  • Passionflower and Valerian activate GABA neurotransmission, and thus affect symptoms such as nervous restlessness, stress, and trouble falling asleep.  

You may be wondering how a 60mg dose of St John’s Wort is enough to promote such a tremendous improvement in mood. Using recognized test models for antidepressant effects, a study using both in vitro and in vivo testing, determined that with low doses of St. Johns Wort, you improve serotonin levels as you increase the dose of Passionflower. The synergy between passionflower and St. John ́s wort when using a lower concentration of hypericum allows a high degree of efficacy with good tolerability. Therefore, you get the same potency, with a lot less concern for side effects. That is the beauty of plant medicine. 

The optimal dosage of Neurapas depends on the individual. It is indicated for Adults and Children (above the age of 12 years) to take 2 tablets 2 to 3 times daily. Children from the age of 6 to 12 may take a dose of 1 tablet 1 to 3 times daily. 


Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz is an international speaker, featured on podcasts and live television. He is the founder of Hyperion Integrative Health Centre, a Naturopathic Medical Retreat Centre in Canada. As a board member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, he advocates on behalf of the naturopathic profession federally. Dr. Kefferputz has recently created a YouTube channel where he shares his enthusiasm around health and creates momentum in helping people discover themselves and bring the joy of life back into living. 

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