Doctor's Note with Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz, ND: The Immune System

The Immune System is a meticulous being of its own - Think of it as your stereotypical office worker in a cubicle, that too often get’s overworked in a swarm of memo’s that require completion.

Whether it’s pathogens, allergens, metabolism, a pervasive stress response or the inevitable fever - it’s important that during the month of November, we provide a helping hand for our immunity. 

Enter Pascoleucyn; an easy to take, effective, cold remedy containing echinacea and several other key ingredients. Its my favorite best-kept secret in practice as I appreciate the ability to titrate this medication for the unique needs of my patients. 

Whether it’s a low-dose maintenance approach in preparation of flu season, a therapeutic dose for any first signs of illness, or an acute dosing strategy for an overtly responsive immune system - there is something for everyone.  

Pascoleucyn® has been on the market for more than 60 years and I repeatedly observe positive results when recommending it for my patients.  

Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz is an international speaker, featured on podcasts and live television. He is the founder of Hyperion Integrative Health Centre, a Naturopathic Medical Retreat Centre in Canada. As a board member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, he advocates on behalf of the naturopathic profession federally. Dr. Kefferputz has recently created a YouTube channel where he shares his enthusiasm around health and creates momentum in helping people discover themselves and bring the joy of life back into living. 

To read more about Dr. Rigo Kefferputz visit our Pascoe Experts page.

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Pascoleucyn Drops 50ml

Pascoleucyn® Drops

Homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms due to colds and flu