Our Favourite Herbs to Annihilate Cold and Flu

We've put a list together of some of our favourite cold and flu annihilating herbs. Are any of these on your list?
We're in the thick of it - cold and flu season!
Common colds are the main reason for absenteeism in schools and workplaces. North American adults get an average of 2-3 colds per year, and their children often get more. Colds are more prevalent in the winter and spring, but are possible to get any time of year.

With life being so busy these days, who can afford to take the time off when they're sick? Sure, there are a multitude of traditional, over the counter options available in the drug store to help relieve symptoms of colds and flus, but they often leave you feeling groggy, tired, and not quite yourself. If you are looking for more natural remedies to relieve your cold and flu symptoms, you've come to the right place.
We've put together a list of some of our favourite cold and flu annihilating herbs - read below.

Herbal cold and flu remedies

Echinacea  Purpurea

Echinacea purpurea (echinacea) is known for its ability to enhance or strengthen the immune system. Studies have shown that echinacea significantly reduces the risk of respiratory infection, and also shortens the duration of colds and flus. It stimulates white blood cells, increases the production of interferon and increases immune cells' ability to destroy invading microbes. Read more on echinacea.


Thyme is an effective antifungal and antispasmodic remedy that fights agents that cause sore throats and coughs. It's anti-inflammative properties also help with easing sore throats, and reducing inflammation in the airways. Thyme is also an expectorant, so it helps to loosen mucus and phlegm, making it easy to expel from the body. Thyme is a wonderful and effective remedy for coughs due to colds, flus, and even bronchitis. Read more on thyme.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is an antiviral, and can inhibit influenza A and parainfluenza viruses, along with many other infections. Read more on St. John's wort.


Garlic has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal benefits, it strengthens the immune system and kills a broad range of microbes. Studies show that garlic is very effective in fighting cold and flu viruses. Garlic also functions as an expectorate to help remove mucus from the body.


Ginger is a diaphoretic (a compound that induces sweating). This makes it effective for breaking a fever and relieving other cold or flu symptoms. It is also an antimicrobial, so it kills the germs that cause sore throats, this is why it is often used to gargle with. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe a sore throat.


Oregano contains thymol and carvacrol, which both have antibacterial effects. Oregano oil is often used to relieve headaches, diarrhea, and coughs.

Stinging Nettle

Studies show that this herb inhibits influenza A virus and is also packed with nutrients. Nettle contains high amounts of carotenoids and flavonoids that help ease allergies.

Licorice root

Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, which has been shown in studies to inactivate and inhibit a wide range of viruses. It also contains a polysaccharide ingredient that increases the body's production of interferon and activates white blood cells.


Elderberries have many antiviral properties, so they are very effective in fighting influenza pathogens. They are also immune-boosting, and have been proven to shorten the duration of a cold and flu.


Astragalus is a tonic and adaptogen. Studies show that it boosts the immune system and fights viruses, bacteria, and inflammation. Its roots contain compounds that stimulate the immune system, promote the formation of antibodies, increase the production of T cells, and boost the supply of infection-fighting white blood cells. 
Choosing the right cold and flu remedy is critical. Herbal remedies are often preferred for the simple fact that they help relieve your symptoms while boosting your immune system, without leaving you feeling groggy and run down. Herbal remedies can also cut down your time of sickness and allow you to return back to your daily routine faster.

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