How Much Vitamin B Complex Should I Take Daily

This is a topic of discussion that has most people wondering, how much vitamin B does one really need to take if any. We wonder how many supplements and which are the right ones to take.

A vitamin B complex is a supplement containing 8 essential B vitamins in a capsule for daily use. Although the B-group vitamins are established in many foods, the vitamins are water soluble and are substantially quite delicate. They are easily destroyed, particularly by alcohol and cooking. 

Food processing can also reduce the amount of B-group vitamins in foods, either by destroying them, or in white flours, white breads and white rice removing the parts that contain the most B-group vitamins. This is one of the reasons white flours, white breads and white rice are less nutritious than their whole grain counterparts.

The body has a limited capacity to store most of the B-group vitamins (except B12 and folate, which are stored in the liver). A person who has a poor diet for a few months may end up with B-group vitamins deficiency. For this cause, it’s important that adequate amounts of these vitamins be eaten regularly as part of a well-balanced, nutritious diet.

Vitamin B Complex Supplement 

As previously mentioned vitamin B contains 8 essential vitamins that should be contributed into our daily diet.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine): Helps turn carbohydrates into the energy our bodies need.

Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): It helps boost the immune system and also helps treat headaches.

Vitamin B3 (niacin): Lowers harmful cholesterol while increasing good ones.

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic): Anti-stress vitamin and plays a vital role in cellular metabolism.                     

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine): Helps improve vision, PMS and also supports brain health.

Vitamin B7 (biotin): Promotes healthy skin, hair & nails. Improves blood sugar.

Vitamin B9 (folic acid): Is important in red blood cell formation and for healthy cell growth and function. The nutrient is crucial during early pregnancy for reduced risk of birth defects and any other side effects.

Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin): Helps make red blood cells, DNA and normal nerve function.

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism.

Vitamin B complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote:

  • cell health
  • growth of red blood cells
  • energy levels
  • good eyesight
  • healthy brain function
  • good digestion
  • healthy appetite
  • proper nerve function
  • hormones and cholesterol production
  • cardiovascular health
  • muscle tone

Vitamin B Complex Dosage

Every individual is different, looking at our diet and form of lifestyle. Whether or not you are a smoker or alcohol drinker, these factors all weigh into the overall level of vitamins contained in the body.

If we have bad habits, these can easily diminish our levels creating a vitamin b deficiency. Vitamin B is recommended daily if not getting it in return through your food sources. 

The importance of taking your vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients, because acting in production mode, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help with bone maintenance, heal wounds, and strengthen your immune system. They convert food into energy and repair cellular damage.

Taking vitamins can do great things for your health and overall well-being. They can complement the nutrients you get from your food and bring you a step closer to your wellness and health goals. However, you can only reap those listed benefits above if you remember to take your vitamins regularly and combine them with a healthy balanced diet.

If you suspect you have a serious vitamin deficiency please speak with your healthcare professional for proper medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 




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