Routine to Self - Care Day!!!

It’s incredible how we acknowledge “Self-Care '' day once a year on July 24th, however this is something we should address all year round. Even when we may not even realize, by doing little things for ourselves improves our overall well-being.

These are changes that we may recognize in our appearance and sometimes there are internal changes that we may not always see, but we may feel. 

We are living in a fast-paced environment where people have multiple jobs, hobbies, working on their education or perhaps growing families that all can be time consuming.

When we do get that chance to sit back for a minute, we always tend to be glued to our phones. Statistics have proven that a person will on average check their phone 52 times a day!

While we think that this is being productive, we also sacrifice on things that may benefit us the most… Time for ourselves.

It is Important to take time for yourself

At times it is inevitable that our lives can get busy and taking care of ourselves can occasionally get pushed under the rug. People’s favorite line is “there’s just no time” and we are all guilty of using it. However, I think we can all agree… That there’s time if you make time.

Self-Care can be as simple as doing something to help you relax from a busy day. Enjoying your time can be playing your favorite sport, reading a book, going for a walk, or simply going to sleep early.

Below I will mention some ways that you can create a self-care routine in your own home! It can be for an hour’s time to a quick 5 minutes, this is up to you!

Here are relaxing methods/routines that you can incorporate in your daily routine:

Nurture Your Skin

Something as easy as planning a nice hot bath to help relieve any muscle tension and calm the body and mind. Adding any natural oils to your water and soothing music to place you in a calm atmosphere. Really targets all your muscle groups and overall body maintenance of relaxation. 

A great way to top off this pastime is adding a skin care routine. With summer around the corner and being in the sun and water can tend to dry out our skin. It is important to moisturize and nurture your skin with Vitamin C to help restore and add that glow to our skin. 

Adding Hyaluronic serum to instantly brighten a dull complexion, tighten and firm the skin and protect from any harmful environmental aggressors.  Adding this at the start of your day, or to finish it off will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. It is important to penetrate our skin layers with the proper nutrition. 

Another way to make it feel like a spa in your own home is adding a Jade Gua Sha to top off your spa time. The Gua Sha stone is used to help create proper blood flow and circulation. To touch base on your lymphatic drainage system while sculpting the face and reducing wrinkles.

Relax Into a Guided Meditation

There are several ways for a person to meditate. It can be oriented to physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects. Creating a mindful meditation that helps the body and mind relax. Focusing) on one's posture and deep breathing allows the air flow to really penetrate and create a good flow of oxygen. 

Breathing exercises have really proven to calm a person down. You can even do this at your desk, in your car or wherever you feel that you may need a moment to just calm and reset.

Do something to help you relax from a busy day to get enough sleep. Meditation and sleep really go hand in hand with one another. If a person is not relaxed this could affect the time falling asleep or even produce sleep disorders for some. It is extremely important to get a good night's sleep as that reflects the productivity of your day. 


We all know how important exercising is for one's health. Making sure we create that healthy balance of daily activity to help keep our immune system and body maintenance at a proper balance.

Growing and developing in your physical and emotional mindset. Perhaps incorporating a cleanse to top off the body formation while detoxifying from any unwanted toxins. 


Some may not realize, however taking supplements is a massive part of one's lifestyle. This can help with body function in several aspects.

Ways to stay healthy and prevent vitamin deficiency. To create that self-care for putting ourselves first.

Important to take time for yourself

Sometimes when you are too on the go it can affect your overall approach during the day or create sleeping problems. After a long busy day/week or simply just to enjoy spending time relaxing, dedicating time for yourself will go a long way.

Self-care is really something that is relaxing and beneficial to one's overall outcome of living. It also has a great impact on our emotional and mental health.

As you can see there are many different relaxation techniques that one can do anywhere and anytime. It is simply just finding what works best for you. 

Listening to what our body needs is a critical step to reaching optimal health.




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