Spotlight: Dr. Alexandra Sisam, ND

From a great love of film, to an even greater love of...natural medicine?

Read about how this naturopathic doctor completely fell in love with natural medicine, so much that she decided to change her career path and dedicate herself to it!

Dr. Alexandra Sisam is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, however, she almost potentially became a producer or director of films! During her undergrad in film school, Dr. Sisam had began experiencing some health problems which were unexplainable. She tried seeing conventional medical doctors, but they could not pinpoint what was wrong with her. In desperation, she went to see a Naturopathic Doctor. After a few sessions, she found that it was really helping her, not only with easing her symptoms, but also with understanding the root of her problems.
Dr. Sisam realized that naturopathic medicine is a good way to treat the person as a whole, and that it bridges the gap between the physical and the mental illnesses, as everything in the body is connected. She soon felt like herself again and understood how she could keep herself well through a variety of different methods prescribed by her Naturopathic Doctor. She was so impressed and inspired by the doctor, that she too wanted to help people heal and feel better, and that’s when Dr. Sisam changed her focus and her career path to become a Naturopathic Doctor.
During her time in Naturopathic Medical School, Dr. Sisam took a particular interest in working with patients with mental health concerns including anxiety, eating disorders and depression. She also completed a year-long internship working with patients with chronic disease and fibromyalgia. She is passionate about helping patients as they navigate through their own health and wellness, no matter the concern.
Dr. Sisam uses a mind/body approach to medicine, focusing on supporting the patient, both emotionally and physically through the use of mind/body counselling, homeopathy, nutrition, botanicals and physical medicine. She works to gain an understanding and awareness of each patient’s personal experience, both physically and emotionally. She has also completed additional training in energetic healing, including Reiki. Dr. Sisam works to support the mind, body and spirit in order to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate care. She is constantly learning about the inter-connectedness of these parts of the human body and using them to help treat both physical and emotional conditions.
When she’s not helping her patients to feel better, Dr. Sisam enjoys a wide variety of activities, and has a diverse array of interests. She really enjoys live music. She grew up in a family that loved music, so she attended a lot of live concerts. She also played the piano growing up, and the baritone in high school band. Her sister is even a musician! Dr. Sisam also loves to ski, she was actually a competitive down hill ski racer growing up, then became a coach. She is still an avid skier and skis with her family often.