Spotlight: Dr. Melina Roberts, ND

Dr. Roberts has had success with many of Pascoe’s draining/detox products.

As a young girl, Dr. Roberts suffered from several different types of allergies and eczema. She would often break out in rashes and have several other allergic reactions, all of which couldn’t really be explained. When she was 13 years old, her parents took her to a Naturopathic Doctor to seek help and find answers.

A short time later, all her allergies and eczema cleared up. It was a mixture of homeopathic remedies as well as probiotics and a specified diet that did the trick.

Later in life, Dr. Roberts was on the path to becoming a medical doctor, as she loved to help people heal. She started off at the University of Waterloo in doing a pre-medical degree with the aim of becoming a medical doctor and therefore had to spend many hours in the allopathic community. She would work in hospitals and clinics, as well as a lot of research in university labs. And although she loved what she was doing, the more time she spent there, the more she saw that people weren’t actually getting better.

She recalled her own experience as a child and decided to do some work and put in some hours at a naturopathic clinic. Here, she began seeing results. Patients were healing and feeling better, as she did once herself. That’s when her path changed.

She transferred to CCNM (Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine), and never looked back. In her second year there, her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, he lost the fight nine short months later. This experience led her to begin focusing on cancer research and treatment, as well as more chronic and autoimmune diseases. She has travelled around the world doing research and learning about her specializations. When she graduated, Dr. Roberts joined a clinic that specialized in and was having success in cancer treatments.

Today, Dr. Roberts has been in practice for 15 years and still specializes in cancer treatment and chronic and autoimmune diseases. She, like many other naturopathic doctors, often begins her treatment regiment with first “cleaning up the terrain”. What this means is that she seeks to detoxify her patients first, allowing any toxins to first be removed in order to pinpoint the actual cause of the problem. Once the terrain has been cleared, she can then begin a course of action.

Dr. Roberts believes that the cells need to be first cleaned up in order for the proper nutrients to be able to be absorbed into them. Her regular course of treatment is homeopathics, botanicals, and nutritional.
Dr. Roberts has had success with many of Pascoe’s draining/detox products including Lymphdiaral® Drops, Carduus marianus Similiaplex® and Solidago Similiaplex®. She has also had wonderful success with Neurapas® balance, for her patients with stress and low mood.

If you would like more information on how Dr. Roberts uses Pascoe products, you may reach her via email at