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Multi-mineral Electrolyte Supplement

• Helps to maintain proper muscle function
• Helps in tissue formation and heart muscle function
• Healthy hair, skin and nails

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Basenpowder Pascoe - Electrolyte and Multi Mineral Supplements

Basenpowder Pascoe is a multi-mineral electrolyte powder supplement. The electrolyte powder and mineral supplement replenishes the body to support vital physical processes. Basenpowder delivers essential minerals and electrolytes to:

  • Help maintain proper muscle function
  • Help in tissue formation and bone health
  • Support healthy hair, skin, and nails using zinc
  • Support immune function

The Benefits of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc

The powder is a multi-mineral supplement that contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc. These are the most essential vitamins and minerals the body needs. Calcium and other minerals are used in muscle contraction and nerve impulses. They control blood pressure and support healthy bones. Electrolytes are needed for our organs and cells to function. The mineral supplement balances acidity and helps repair damaged tissue. Essential electrolytes support a healthy immune system.

Who Should Use an Electrolyte and Minerals Supplement?

Electrolytes and trace minerals are always rising and falling due to hydration and changes in bodily fluid. Essential minerals are not made by the body. They must come from a well-balanced all-natural diet. However, adequate calcium, magnesium, and potassium are harder to obtain in the right amount. This is why Basenpowder's easily absorbable formula is a top pick that can be used by anyone. Supplementation benefits people with mineral deficiencies. This might be due to age or illness. Mineral deficiency may also occur because of some diseases, such as osteoporosis. Minerals may help to relieve symptoms of dehydration. Athletes can consume the electrolyte supplement as a sports drink for hydration. It provides electrolyte replacement and refuels energy levels. The electrolyte drink delivers rapid hydration, prevents muscle cramps, and strengthens bones.

Basenpowder is suitable for adults and children over 9 years of age. Unlike tablets, coated caplets, softgels, or capsules, Basenpowder is:

  • Lactose, gluten, and sugar-free
  • Contains no artificial ingredients or artificial sweeteners
  • Vegan and keto-friendly
  • Caffeine-free

How to Use Basenpowder - an Electrolyte Powder Sugar Free?

Basenpowder is easy to add to your daily routine. The dietary supplement replenishes the body quickly due to its fast absorption. Mix one scoop of the powder or one single-serve stickpacks of Basenpowder with 8 ounces of water. The electrolyte mix can be added to your favourite beverage, smoothie, or shake. Add fruit or herbs to the unflavored food supplement. Enjoy a great tasting lemon flavour or lemon-lime electrolyte water!

Be sure to always read and follow the supplement label if you are a pregnant woman or breast-feeding.

Medicinal Ingredients

1 packet (4 g) or 1 teaspoon of powder (4 g)Contains: 
Calcium (Calcium carbonate) 613 mg
Magnesium (Magnesium carbonate) 232 mg
Zinc (Zinc Sulfate) 1.5 mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients

Potassium bicarbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium phosphate dibasic dihydrate.

Recommended Dosage

Adults and children 9 + years: 1 teaspoon of powder (4 g) once a day.
Stir in a glass of water. Take with food, a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products.

Customer Review

8 Nov 2022

I love Pascoe

I will order again. Good quality, good shipping, good customer service.

Pascoe Canada 8 Nov 2022

Hi Annamarie,

Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Team Pascoe

25 Sep 2022

My order came super fast. I will order again.

Pascoe is great.

Pascoe Canada 26 Sep 2022

Hi Annamarie,

Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad you like the product.

Team Pascoe 

7 Jul 2022

My order came super fast.

I love their products.

Pascoe Canada 11 Jul 2022

Hi Annamarie,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback!

Team Pascoe 

30 Sep 2021

Again, my order came fast with lots of extra info/pamphlets and even a note book. I am a very happy re-peat customer.

Pascoe Canada 1 Oct 2021

Hi Annamarie,

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you enjoy the product!

Kindest Regards,

Team Pascoe

26 Jul 2021

My order came super fast.

i highly recommend it.

Pascoe Canada 26 Jul 2021

Hello Annamarie,

Thank you for your feedback! 

Best Wishes,

Team Pascoe

9 Dec 2020


I used to have a headache, while I am using this product I am so much better :)

Pascoe Canada 14 Dec 2020

Good morning and thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.  Pascoe Canada

6 Jul 2020

love it

I used to take the basen tabs and got a bit tired of 6 a day, so that 1 bag a day form suits me well. Easy to mix (although does not dissolve completely), no artificial fruit taste or so, no added color, just my minerals. Great!

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