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Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine as a sleep aid (in cases of restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress).

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Having trouble sleeping? Pascoflair® can help!

Get back to natural sleep

Pascoflair® from Pascoe, made with 425mg dry extract of passiflora incarnata (passionflower) per tablet, has the highest dose of Passionflower extract on the market. It naturally calms and declutters your mind, helping you fall asleep and stay sound asleep through the night. Pascoflair is traditionally used in herbal medicine as a sleep aid in cases of restlessness and insomnia due to mental stress. 

Passionflower (passiflora incarnata) is an herbal remedy, which has been known for centuries as an excellent treatment to help with sleep disturbances. It helps you sleep by turning off all the running thoughts which are going through your mind at bedtime. The mind can relax, which is then followed by the body, and as a result, sleep will follow.

Sleeping Problems? 

Having difficulties falling asleep at bedtime? Waking up frequently during the night and cannot fall asleep again? Feeling tired and grumpy throughout the day and having problems concentrating? 

A 2011 study from Laval University showed that 40% of Canadians have some form of sleep disorder. The most common sleep disorder is insomnia caused by stress. 

A good night’s sleep is essential to a positive and productive day. Lack of sleep may lead to impaired memory, reduced levels of concentration, and low physical performance which affects your ability to perform daily tasks. Experts believe that during sleep, nerve cells in the brain have a chance to repair themselves from extensive use during the day.

Five effective tips for a better sleep:

  • Bring a clear structure to your daily routine, and plan time for relaxation
  • Get adequate outdoor activities
  • Delegate responsibility
  • Train yourself to relax
  • Accept professional therapeutic help when it is necessary

All About Passionflower:

  • Works within 30 minutes to calm the brain
  • Improves sleep onset due to stress
  • No hangover or sedative effect
  • No known drug interactions
  • No known toxic effects
  • No known dependency potential


Passionflower is one of the most powerful herbs used to treat mental health disorders. It is also one of the best-studied, with multiple studies in animals and humans as well as a long history of clinical use.

Extracts from passionflower have also shown promise in the treatment of opiate (5), benzodiazepine (6), and nicotine withdrawal (7) in mice (6,7) and humans (5).

The British Herbal Compendium indicates passionflower for sleep disorders, restlessness, nervous stress, and anxiety (6). Germany’s rigorous Commission E approved the use of passionflower for nervous restlessness (7).

Pascoflair® from Pascoe won the 2009 “Apotheken-Award” for Natural Medicine - an honour chosen by German pharmacists each year for the best in natural medicine.


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UPC Code 30 tabs: 4039343127255

UPC Code 100 tabs: 4039343136516

Medicinal ingredients
1 tablet contains:
Dry extract (5-7:1) of Passiflora incarnata L. 425 mg (passionflower), equivalent to 2.125g – 2.975g aerial parts.
Extractant: ethanol 50% (V/V)
Contains sucrose and glucose.

Adults, adolescents ≥ 13 years: 1 tablet, 2 times daily. Pascoflair® should be swallowed whole with sufficient liquid (preferably a glass of water), and the doses should be spread evenly throughout the day.

Customer Review

3 Apr 2019


I tried this for the first time a month ago and it has changed my life. I'm a new mom and I have been very sleep deprived lately, to the point where I felt I was going crazy. I was so tired but too worried about the baby and everything falling apart if I went to sleep, so that made me so anxious that I couldn't sleep. When I tried Pascoflair I was at the end of my rope. It really helped my mind shut off so that I was able to relax enough to go to sleep. I only had a nap for an hour while the baby was sleeping, but man did it feel like 3 hours! I woke up and felt that I had taken a super pill haha. I have taken it again and again and have had the same results. I am now a lifelong Pascoe customer :)

1 Mar 2019


I took this when I flew to Vancouver on a red eye flight last week. I hate flying at night because I normally can't sleep on planes, no matter how tired I am. I took 2 of these and passed right out - right away! I woke up to the pilot announcing that we were landing. I felt so alert and well rested when I awoke. No grogginess that you get from other sleeping pills (and I have tried a lot!), and no disorientation. I felt amazing as though I had 9 hours sleep. I will definitely buy this again, this stuff is amazing!

5 Feb 2019

Surprisingly Effective !

I have been using Pascoflair for about 3 weeks now and I was skeptical at first about the effectiveness of a Homeopathic remedy but it does really work! I am able to shut down and my mind stops for a peaceful sleep ! Also during the day I feel more at ease. Thanks Pascoe !!

22 Dec 2018

It is a great product. It took my racing thoughts away. U was able to concentrate on my university work

Love the product- it calmed me down, I have been using the product for 2 months. Thank yoy

11 Dec 2018

Great Sleep Aid, Helps Clear the Mind

I am highly stressed and my mind is just like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going and going and I can’t shut it off, stray thoughts all the time. Pascoflair helped to shut off the mind so that I can focus on getting to sleep.

7 Dec 2018

Works Well, Works Fast!

Pascoflair work super fast to help you go to sleep. Even when you don't want to sleep, it helps to ease and calm your mind, making you feel serene. Will definitely buy again and have recommended to my family and friends. Thank you Pascoe!!

7 Dec 2018

It really works!

I work night shifts and don't go to bed til way after the sun comes out, so sometimes it's hard to go to sleep. This stuff works really fast to shut off my brain and help me fall asleep, even with background noise and daylight. I wake up feeling well rested and alert. So glad I found Pascoflair, thank you Pascoe!

5 Dec 2018

Pascoflair has been a great help for my daughter to be less anxious and stress in her firts year of University. Thank you Pascoe

18 Nov 2018

Actually works

I am very pleased with this product. I was reluctant to purchase at first. Been taking this for 3 months and it has been helping me calm down during the day without feeling the drowsiness effect. Will definitely purchase again.

9 Aug 2018

My favourite!

Pascoflair is a lifesaver! It works so quickly and helps me fall asleep when I can't turn off my mind. It even works during the day if I am feeling anxious or stressed - with no drowsy affect. LOVE this product!

3 Aug 2018

PascoflairLove it!

Pascoflair had helped me to calm down. I will tell my husband about it .Thank you

26 Jun 2018

THis is best

THis is best product and choice, fast shipping, good price.. i long search this and this site is better

Pascoe Canada 26 Jun 2018

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you! We at Pascoe Canada pride ourselves in having the highest quality products, fast shipping and great shopping experience for all of our customers! And we love that you enjoy our newly redesigned site!


Pascoe Canada

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