Pascoleucyn Drops 50ml

Pascoleucyn® Drops


Homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms due to colds and flu such as headache, stuffy nose, sore throat,cough and fever.

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Keeps you prepared for Colds & Flu 

Pascoleucyn® Drops from Pascoe are a homeopathic remedy to relieve symptoms of colds and flu. It can be taken as soon as the first signs of the cold/flu appear (exhaustion, headache, shivering, fever, etc), and can alleviate cold and flu symptoms so you feel like yourself again quickly. 

When to take Pascoleucyn®?

  • At the beginning of the flu season
  • When other family members are ill
  • In times of stress
  • When there is a high amount of illness in the general community

Fast Relief from Pascoleucyn:

Pascoleucyn drops can be taken at the first signs and symptoms of an illness (example: exhaustion, headache, fever, etc). It uses the power of echinacea as its key ingredient; a herb that has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. 

Safe & Effective 

Pascoleucyn has been on the market for more than 60 years and is made with a combination of Echinacea and several other active ingredients that ensures efficacy. Echinacea has historically been used as a natural remedy for promoting a healthy and strong immune system. 

* hypersensitive reactions to echinacea can occur. If you are hypersensitive to echinacea, try the alternative remedy, Gripps


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Medical Ingredients

1g (=53 drops) contains:

Echinacea Ø 0.4g

Baptisia tinctoria Ø 0.235g

Eupatorium perfoliatum Ø 0.25g

Thuja occidentalis 1X 0.1g

Lachesis mutus 8X 0.015g

Contains 65% vol. alcohol


Adults and children over 12 years: (acute) initial dose of 40 drops then 10-20 drops every hour thereafter maximum 12 times a day;
(chronic): 20 drops 3 times daily.
The drops should be taken diluted in some water.
Duration of Use: Do not use for more than 2 weeks.

Customer Review

16 Oct 2019

That was an amazing product for cold &flu.

I took it when I felt I am getting cold and I was so releived after that. No cold or flu after that. I have still using it for boosting my immune system

11 Dec 2018

Great If You Work With Kids (especially during cold season)

I used to drive a school bus so I was around kids and their germs 5 days a week, Pascoleucyn helped me get through the colds I did catch and get back to work. I no longer drive the school bus, but I still take Pascoleucyn.

7 Dec 2018

Finally found something that works!

I had been suffering from a lingering cough and cold that just didn't seem to want to go away. I had tried everything. The symptoms went away for a day or so, but then would return again. I tried some of these drops a few times a day, for 3 days, and I was cured! I have already ordered another one, and will definitely stock my medicine cabinet with this year round. Would recommend!

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