Tussiflorin Thyme


Traditional Herbal Cough Syrup (Expectorant)

• Relieves Wet/Dry Cough

• Relieves symptoms of bronchitis

• Suitable for ages 1 and older - perfect for the whole family!


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Coughing? It's thyme for relief!

Tussiflorin® Thyme - Traditional Herbal Cough Syrup

Tussiflorin® Thyme was originally formulated in 1960. Made with pure thyme extract, this cough syrup is a great-tasting expectorant that can be used for the whole family. Tussiflorin® Thyme is effective enough for adults but can be used as a kids cough syrup or a toddlers cough syrup (suitable for ages 1 and older).


Benefits of Tussiflorin® Thyme

Tussiflorin® Thyme is a great-tasting herbal cough syrup that has been proven effective to relieve all kinds of coughs. Tussiflorin® Thyme provides wet and dry cough relief. Made with pure thyme extract, Tussiflorin® Thyme has many benefits:

  • Cough expectorant made with pure thyme extract
  • Relieves coughs and other disturbances of the upper respiratory tract
  • Provides wet and dry cough relief
  • Helps to opens up airways
  • Facilitates the loosening / removal of mucus and phlegm
  • Soothes a sore throat (eases irritation in the throat) and relaxes bronchial muscles
  • Relieves symptoms of cold and flu
  • Low alcohol and sugar content
  • Can be used as a kid cough syrup or a toddlers cough syrup
  • Tastes great, even kids will love the taste!
  • Suitable for ages 1 and older - perfect for the whole family!


Healing properties of thyme

Thyme has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb to aid a host of different ailments. Today, modern herbal medicine has also claimed thyme as a valuable plant for coughs and colds, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, and whooping cough. Thyme has long been one of the best natural remedies for cough. With its antibacterial, antifungal and antispasmodic effects, thyme fights agents that cause bronchitis and helps to subdue coughs. 

Thyme leaves contain compounds called flavonoids that relax the throat muscles involved in coughing and lessen inflammation. It helps to relax bronchial muscles and tame a spasmodic cough with its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. As one of the best and most effective natural remedies for cough, thyme works as a first-rate expectorant that helps the body loosen and thin mucus, making it easier to cough up and expel.

Healing properties of thyme include: 

  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antitussive

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Medicinal Ingredients:

100 g liquid contains: 

25 g liquid extract from Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) (DER 1:2-2.5)  

Non-medicinal Ingredients:

Maltitol syrup, Ammonium hydroxide, Glycerol, Ethanol, Purified water.

Contains 9% (V/V) alcohol.


Age: Dose:
Children (1-4 years):  5 mL twice a day
Children (5-11 years):  5 mL 2-3 times a day;
Adults and adolescents 12 years and over: 

10 mL 3-4 times a day;

The product should be taken with sufficient liquid (e.g. half a glass of water).

Customer Review

10 Oct 2020

Great product!

This product really helped my cough go away after only a few days! I love the taste and it’s just the best

16 Dec 2019

best cough syrup for kids

My 5 years old daughter had a bad cough and couldn't sleep for a couple of nights. One of our family friends recommend Tussiflorin kids cough syrup, I am happy that I gave Tussiflorin to my daughter. She likes the taste and her cough was gone in 2 days.
Highly recommended.

Pascoe Canada 16 Dec 2019

Hi Maryam

Thank you so much for the review! 

Best regards,

Pascoe Canada

3 Dec 2019

Fast shipping and I find that Tussiflorin Thyme is the best product for controlling my cough

21 Nov 2019

It's good

My girlfriend brought some home the other day, she got it from a conference. I tried it and I really liked the taste. She told me to review it. It worked for my cough too. Would recommend.

Pascoe Canada 22 Nov 2019

Hi Paul,

We're glad that Tussiflorin helped with your cough! Thank you for your kind feedback.

Best regards,

Pascoe Canada

19 Nov 2019

Tastes good and works!

I tried this recently and was very impressed by how good it tastes. But it also really works. It's not sticky and thick like other syrups, so it goes down easy, but it still coats the throat and offers relief from a sore throat and cough almost instantly.

Pascoe Canada 19 Nov 2019

Hi Jordyn!

Thank you so much for the review! We are glad Tussiflorin helped your sore throat!

Best regards,

Pascoe Canada

17 Oct 2019

perfect for kids

I knew the product from Europe, so happy they finally brought it here as well. Defenitely a kids friendly cough syrup, works and tastes good!

15 Oct 2019

Best herbal cough syrup!

Tussiflorin really works, my 13 years old son had a bad cough and was feeling very uncomfortable especially at night. Within two days his cough was almost gone and he likes the Tussiflorin taste too.
Highly recommended.
Thank you

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